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Abdominal Paracentesis

Abdominal Paracentesis Treatment in Navi Mumbai - Dr. Sonali Gautam

What is Abdominal Paracentesis?

It is also called ascitic tap. It is a procedure where a small needle is inserted through the abdominal wall to remove fluid from within the abdomen. Collection or accumulation of fluid in the spaces between the organs in the cavity of the abdomen is called ascites.

Why do I need it?

This can be needed in 2 situations:

What causes the fluid to accumulate in the abdominal cavity?

There are many causes for ascites. Commonest cause is due to underlying liver disease. Other causes:

What are the symptoms?

How is the procedure done?

What are the risks associated with paracentesis?

Are there any alternatives to paracentesis?

Some patients may benefit from a medication known as a diuretic, which will make you urinate more frequently than normal. This treatment is only suitable for certain patients and in these circumstances it may slow the build up of fluid in the abdomen.

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